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hey guys I found this really weird and obsecure site that no one knows about. The creator must be some sort of genius or something. Anyways you guys should all make an account and post on it

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newfags can't triforce

▲ ▲


▲ ▲

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Looks really cool, but seems slow since its new. Site is comfy af, how do we get shit stirring?

Just a thread to talk about this place.


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comfy as fuck


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so comfy

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ayy lmao
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prop 420


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this is gold

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Meme funny best hillarious


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how does /b feel about pizza?

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it's caturday!


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hey /b/ rate my gf?

would/would not?


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10/10 would kill myself

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Goodnight Sweet Prince



He took me to flavor town, and I never got to thank him

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mo money mo catfood nigguh
what u kno bout smokin fat getin pusy


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been pimpin since pimpin been pimpin


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fuckin magnets, how do they work?


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they just fuckin work man

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