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Syria is the last secular country that rejects: agenda 21/agenda 2030, cultural marxism, centralized banking, debt slavery to the I.M.F… and lots of other globalist corporations/think tanks/programs designed to degrade Syria from within. Once Syria is in a pile of rubble, the ruling zionist class believes Syria will submit to the rule of the zionists, and lose their sovereignty as well as their freedoms.

Last month, US secretary of State John Kerry called for Syria to be partitioned saying it was “Plan B” if negotiations fail. But in reality this was always plan A. Plans to balkanize Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern states were laid out by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in a 2006 trip to Tel Aviv. It was part of the so called “Project For a New Middle East”. This was a carbon copy of the Odid Yinon plan drawn up by Israel in 1982. The plan outlined the way in which Middle Eastern countries could be balkanized along sectarian lines. This would result in the creation of several weak landlocked micro-states that would be in perpetual war with each other and never united enough to resist Israeli expansionism.

Syria is hated by the New World Order. Listen to the Syrian girl in the video.

Share and discuss info on Syria.

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